GPR Concrete Slab Scanning

It’s always good to know exactly what is under a concrete slab before you bring out the demolition saw, core drill or jackhammer. Asset Pipe Services specialises in ground penetrating radar (GPR) slab scanning solutions that are quick, safe and efficient. This method of ground penetrating radar is used for surveying concrete for the location of pre-stress cables, rebar and services (i.e. electrical, water or telecommunication) and removal of concrete slabs.

We can also give approximation of depth in the slab. This service is extremely accurate in the location of:

  • Rebar and concrete reinforcements
  • Conduits
  • Pipes, sewers and drains
  • Post-tensioning cables
  • Voids

We work with cutting edge technology that emits no radiation, does not require an under-slab film to be put in place and leaves no trace.

As well as being a convenient way of avoiding extra work throughout the project, GPR slab scanning also keeps worksites safe by mapping out exactly where any hazards may lie.

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GPR Slab scanning is the ideal way to take the guess work out of your current project.

We offer our GPR (slab scanning radar) to plumbers, surveyors, builders, architects and trade professionals working on both residential and commercial projects throughout metropolitan Sydney, Canberra and Wollongong.

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