Pipe & Cable Locating Services

Every professional knows the importance of knowing exactly where every pipe and cable lies before they start work. When you need pipe location or cable locating solutions that finds it first time, every time, make your first call to Asset Pipe Services.

We combine modern equipment and innovative approaches to locate water pipes, pinpoint unidentified electrical cabling and locate not only drains, but their blockages too.

Because we’ve been working with plumbers, architects, surveyors and trade professionals for more than a decade, we know that our clients value a quick response and definitive results. We’re known throughout the industry for our reliable service, expert advice and competitive prices.

Our Pipe and Cable Locating Solutions

Pipe Locating Services in Sydney

Combining industry-leading equipment and more than ten years of expertise in specialist pipe location across Sydney, Wollongong and Canberra, Asset Pipe Services are able to quickly locate pipes and identify blockages under earth, paving and concrete.

Using Ground penetrating radar and acoustic listening devices, all types of pipes are accurately located including earthenware, PVC and all other non-metal pipes.

Cable Locating Services in Sydney

Unidentified cables present a major risk at any worksite. To protect the safety of your whole team, you need to know where the cables lie before you dig.

Asset Pipe Services offer a specialist cable locating solution throughout Sydney, Wollongong and Canberra. Using cutting edge tools and expert knowledge, you get an accurate, cost effective and personalised service by choosing Asset Pipe Services.

For all of your cable and pipe location requirements, make your first call to Asset Pipe Services. Call us today, or send us a photo and the specifics of your current project for an even more personalised solution.

When you need a solution for a blocked drain that resists standard approaches, you’ll need the expert services from Sydney’s leading pipe clearing and blockage location specialists at Asset Pipe Services.

We offer our blocked drain services to plumbers, surveyors, builders, architects and trade professionals working on both residential and commercial projects throughout metropolitan Sydney, Canberra and Wollongong.

For emergencies, we offer a 24/7 response for all blocked drain call-outs. Alternatively, for an obligation free quote on your blocked drain problem, send us an online enquiry along with a photo of your worksite for expert advice and a tailored estimate.

Our Services

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