Pipe Freezing

Using state-of-the-art technology, Asset Pipe Services can now offer you an innovative and non-destructive solution for solving isolated pipe problems with a range of tailored pipe-freezing solutions.

Instead of disabling and draining an entire system, pipe freezing allows you to isolate a section of pipe to address pipe cracks, leaks and faults, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in excess project charges from unnecessary digging, not to mention saving you valuable man hours.

Once the fault has been addressed, the ice plug is defrosted, allowing the system to return to normal operation. Our innovative approach to pipe freezing leaves no residue and requires no follow up.

One of the most compelling benefits of pipe freezing is its speed and efficiency. Once the fault has been located and the pipe has been exposed, stopping the flow of water takes anywhere from only a few minutes to hour to freeze larger pipes, allowing you to address the problem with the minimum of downtime.

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Pipe Freezing is safe, effective and economical and is the best way of solving isolated pipe and drain faults for any underground situation.

We offer our pipe freezing services to plumbers, surveyors, builders, architects and trade professionals working on residential, commercial and industrial projects throughout metropolitan Sydney. Bondi to Blacktown, Mosman to Marrickville, Chatswood to Cronulla - name it and we'll be there for you. We are even active when needed anywhere in Canberra or Wollongong.

For emergencies, we offer a 24/7 response for all pipe freezing projects. Alternatively, for an obligation free quote on your current drain or pipe problem, send us an online enquiry along with a photo of your worksite for expert advice and an accurate quote.

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