Water Leak Detection & Smoke Testing Solutions

An unidentified leak in an underground or in-wall pipe can quickly cause a project to grind to a halt. Identifying a suspected leak is notoriously difficult unless you are using specialist equipment and have professional expertise.

Asset Pipe Services specialises in helping plumbers, builders and trade professionals identify persistent leaks in pipes and drains of a range of standard diameters. Using modern equipment including CCTV, acoustic listening devices and smoke testing systems, we are able to accurately pinpoint leaks of all sizes and recommend a solution based on your specific project needs.

All of our water leak detection solutions help you save time by avoiding unnecessary digging and also saving you and your client money in the long run.

When you next encounter a leak that threatens to derail your project, call in the professionals from Asset Pipe Services.

Our Water Leak Detection Solutions

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is an accurate and effective way of detecting damaged pipes using non-damaging and odourless smoke testing technology, Asset Pipe Services can quickly pinpoint cracks, gaps between pipes, breaks in the lines as well as detecting cross connections in complex pipe systems.

CCTV Drain Inspection

Using state of the art closed-circuit TV and digital recording technology, we’re able to identify all manner of blockages, cracks and faults in pipes, drains and stormwater systems.

Our Blocked Drain Clearing and Blockage Identification Services

We offer a range of solutions for identifying resistant blockages in drains and restoring the flow to the system.

For Tough Blocked Drains, Call Asset Pipe Services

When you need a solution for a blocked drain that resists standard approaches, you’ll need the expert services from Sydney’s leading pipe clearing and blockage location specialists at Asset Pipe Services.

We offer our blocked drain services to plumbers, surveyors, builders, architects and trade professionals working on both residential and commercial projects throughout metropolitan Sydney, Canberra and Wollongong.

For emergencies, we offer a 24/7 response for all blocked drain callouts. Alternatively, for an obligation free quote on your blocked drain problem, send us an online enquiry along with a photo of your worksite for expert advice and a tailored estimate.

Our Services

We offer more than just leak detection and smoke testing. Learn more about our range of pipe services by clicking these links:

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